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02/02/18 44th Annual SPBGMA Awards and Convention- Nashville, TN
02/03/18 Lucketts Bluegrass Music Series- Leesburg, VA
02/17/18 Court Square Theater- Harrisonburg, VA ....Rescheduled for May 5th, 2018
04/07/18 Weekend Bluegrass Concert Series- Herndon, VA
05/05/18 Court Square Theater- Harrisonburg, VA ....Rescheduled from February 17, 2018
05/12/18 Private Event- Millboro, VA
05/26/18 Private Event- Ashton, MD
07/28/18 7 Mountains Bluegrass Association Picnic- Felton, PA
08/25/18 Rob's Bluegrass Barn- Westminster, MD
10/5/18 PennyRoyal Opera House- Fairview, OH
02/23/19 Lucketts Bluegrass Music Series- Leesburg, VA

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Message from the Band;

2005 is when the idea of The Country Gentlemen Tribute Band was first born, when Bill Yates, 20+ year member of the Country Gentlemen, Darren Beachley and David Propst met at Cabin Fever Picking Party in Hampton, VA and sang some old and new Country Gentlemen songs. Later, after further deliberation, they decided to go through in creating a project in tribute to the Country Gentlemen. After a search produced the addition of 4 more members, in August of 2005 the “Bill Yates and Friends: A Tribute to the Country Gentlemen” project was initially started and later was completed and released in December 2006 on the MasterShield Records label located out of Bridgewater, VA. It became an instant hit with fans, friends and fellow musicians alike, so much so that the band started touring. Bill Yates toured with and fronted the band for 9 years until he did tragically pass away the night of Monday, January 26, 2015, from complications due to cancer. He leaves behind a historic legacy of music, having the honor of previously performing with many bluegrass greats down through the years, such as Red Allen, Bill Monroe, Jimmy Martin, but most importantly the Country Gentlemen.

The current lineup that will be continuing to perform on stage will include: Mike Phipps on guitar and "Charlie Waller" sound-alike vocals, David Propst on mandolin and vocals, Rick Briggs on banjo and vocals, Mike Conner on upright bass and vocals and Mark Clifton on dobro and vocals. This ensemble vows to continue to put its heart and soul into each performance, trying to help satisfy that musical hunger for the multitude of Country Gentlemen fans that still fill this country; especially the ones that truly do miss Charlie Waller & Bill Yates. We will continue to move forward and perform in tribute as closely as possible the tunes from yester-year thought to be long lost for the ages, as they attempt to re-create each tune, vocally and musically as best they can as it was previously originally presented and performed.

So don’t miss this live tribute to one of the most influential bands in bluegrass history. Come and see and hear the sound that is The Country Gentlemen Tribute Band. You’ll walk away in disbelief and awe at hearing what you thought you’d never hear again.

The Country Gentlemen Tribute Band

Posted by on Sunday, October 18, 2015

Band Photos by Sharon Silver



Messages From Fans



July 28, 2017 ---- It was for sure a sad day for bluegrass music in the Central Shenandoah Valley recently when one of it's biggest fans, and one of the most wonderful women of the valley, did quietly pass away ... Ms. Alva Bible. Not only was she a wonderfully loved sister, mother & friend but was extremely devoted to her deep bluegrass roots; loving and supportive of all the musicians that she witnessed at every show, at every festival she attended. Even after she became ill, rec'd her diagnosis and started her dialysis, she'd still hoped to get herself well enough to be able to go out to the up and coming shows. To all that knew her she was a dear, loving, caring, yet fiesty woman, that was so full of energy, life, vim & vigor. It is going to be extremely hard to go to The Court Square Theater in Harrisonburg, VA next year and not see her sitting there smiling and waiting in the front row. She was a huge Country Gentlemen fan and we of The Country Gentlemen Tribute Band were so glad that we could bring a smile and touch the heart of such a wonderful lady that we felt was as close to us as family. We do bid you safe travels on your amazing, blessed journey, our dear Ms. Alva.



From Bob Thompson/Weekend Bluegrass Concert Series Promoter – Herndon, VA 4/17/2016

The Country Gentlemen Tribute Band was absolutely outstanding last night as they performed in the Weekend Bluegrass Concert Series in Herndon, Virginia. They come so very, very close to the sound of the "original" Country Gentlemen that if you close your eyes you get the feeling that you have gone back in time. This is especially so when listening to Mike Phipps sing the lead as the late Charley Waller had. The music was "spot on" and there was a lot of humor too that added to the evening. It was a special evening with a band that is continuing the musical legacy of the legendary Charley Waller & The Country Gentlemen and doing so with great respect for both the music and the original band members. Original band member Bill Yates started this tribute band some years back and passed away about a year ago, but, his vision continues today thanks to the current members - David Propst, Mike Phipps, Mark Clifton, Mike Connor and Rick Briggs. Many thanks gents.




There is a very special memory that I have, and you are a part of it.  In November 1978, The Country Gentlemen were performing at the Down Home in Johnson City, Tennessee.  On the way over there, I stopped and gave my wife-to-be her Engagement ring.  We went on to the concert, and were backstage where Doyle and I were discussing mandolins, and I mentioned that I had just gotten engaged.  We started to go out, and you said, "I'd like to kiss the bride to be." which you did.  The end of the story:  We just celebrated our 34th anniversary.  I have always loved the Country Gentlemen, and when I heard you on Song of the Mountain, it was eerie how much you sounded like the old group.  Your lead singer sounded just like Charlie.  I am sure thankful that you fellows are keeping their music alive. 

Best Regards,

Randy Carrier-mandolinist

IIIrd. Day Resurrection





      I seen you all on Song of the Mountain last night and I must say I really enjoyed you all greatly. The Country Gentlemen is and will always be my favorite bluegrass band. You all are great and thanks for the tribute, no one could have done it better.

      Mitch Galyon - Sweetwater, TN



      Bill Yates
Saw you guys at Song of the Mountain taping, I have always been a big Country Gentleman fan gotta tell you, you guys are on top of it everyone played & sang so great. I really hated to see it come to an end as it closed. Hope to see you more in southwest VA if not I guess I will be traveling to northern VA or Maryland to hear more of you guys . Thanks for a terrific performance!


Hey Bill, 
What an honor it was to play music with you for 3 days at Dominion Valley Park. My wife Joy is still talkin’ about it. You really encouraged her in playing the bass and me in my banjo playing. Just being with you and listening to your stories about the Country Gentlemen has sparked a new fire in my music although we play all gospel, I believe God sent you there that weekend just for us.  Thank You!  Please, any time you are in the area let us know.
Jane Shoemaker 


Hi Bill,
I'm the guy who always asks about you doing "Pamela Brown". I really enjoyed your show in Denton tonite. That was a wonderful show & y'all done all my favorites, except for Pamela.  That's alright, y'all will always be one of my favorites. Thanks for the shirt & I hope to see y'all again soon.  I wish yall would come down South Carolina way.
Best Regards,
Jeff Barnett



Hey Guys,

It was GREAT seeing you in Charlotte (Michigan)… so happy to finally catch the show. Being a long time “Gents” fan, I was absolutely blown away with how eerily close the Tribute Band sounds to the original. Everyone was on their game and the crowd loved the show as much as I did… nothing short of sensational. I’ll look forward to seeing you guys out on the road more often, as I’m sure The Country Gentleman Tribute Band is going to be in high demand.

Randy Graham
The Graham Talent Group, Inc


  Hi Bill,

     This is Sue from Dillsburg.  I love the new group, the sound is great!  When I close my eyes and listen I could swear it is the original CG.  I do wish you would come to PA.  I sure do miss you all.    Take care.    -  Sue


     Mr. Bill Yates,

I had the pleasure of meeting you at the Georgetown, OH festival and I must say that I appreciate what you've done with The Country Gentlemen Tribute,  I think you're a gentleman in all respects and I wish now that I'd taken more time to talk to you.  I would be interested to know how you found Mike Phipps and all the other members of the band.  I do know Kevin Church played with Charlie a few years but the other members, WOW.  What a great band you've put together.  I'm hoping next time I see you that you will be returning for hopefully at least 2 days next time.  Take care, stay healthy and the very best to you.      -  Gene Snider



      Bill Yates,

My name is Paula, and I am from Stuart, VA (Wayside Park).  My parents and I followed the CG around the country since I was a child - you may remember me.  You all were always so nice to me even as an annoying kid trying to get pictures – Ha, Ha.  I just found out about this new band and am blown away!  Thank you so much!!!  I would love to talk to you.  I have lots of good pictures from all those years ago that I would like for you to have.  You can contact me at xxx-xxx-xxxx.  When I was 12, I rode a bus from VA to Cleveland, OH and made my sister drive a couple more hours just so I could go see you guys play.  Good luck and hope to see you again soon.    -  Paula Stafford


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